January 28, 2015

It has been almost two years since  ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ decided to add a scarf blog on its online boutique to better inform you about the art of wearing scarves. In two years we have covered lots of different topics and we have reached many scarf lovers, collectors and readers all fond of silk scarves.

Today, to celebrate this special milestone, we have decided to provide you with an exhaustive and thematically organized list of most of these articles we have published so far. Just click on the article title(s) you are interested in and you will be redirected to the full blog post.  

SCARVES, SEASONS AND WEATHER - Fight the chill or tame the heat with a silk scarf! All you need is the appropriate scarf style...

Feet in the water: Summer 2015 scarf styles

Beach scarves for a dazzling summer

How to wear summer scarves

Summer trendy halter tops: think silk scarves

Winter scarves, summer scarves and all-weather scarves

Fight the winter: silk scarves on

Stay warm with a silk scarf

The right neck scarf with your winter coat


HOW TO WEAR AND HOW TO TIE A SCARF - neck scarves, headscarves, etc...: time to refresh your scarf style basics, to learn new scarf styles and new scarf tying tips! 

How to wear a long scarf

How to wear a square scarf: 10 irresistible ways

How to tie silk scarves: the European loop

How to wear a large square scarf

Scarf tying: double French twist

Say yes to ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ large and alluring silk scarves

Tying your neck scarf with style

Trendy silk kerchiefs / silk bandanas

Scarves - lookbooks: more ideas on how to wear scarves

Two scarves in one: double pleasure

One scarf, many styles: Paris scarf yellow

One scarf, many styles: Nautical ocean blue scarf

One scarf, many styles: Spring scarf


COLORS - if you want to keep up with the trend or if you wonder which scarf color you should choose, this section is for you!

Marsala: official color of the year 2015

Choosing the right scarf color

The magical power of ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ floral grey silk scarf

Fall-winter 2014 2015: colors en vogue

Scarf colors and Zodiac signs / part 1

Scarf colors and Zodiac signs / part 2

2014 trends: bold, pastel or black and white?

Trendy scarves: fall-winter 2013 2014 fashion colors

Fall-winter 2013 2014 green trend: pick the right scarf color

Shades of grey


THEMES / DESIGNS - some scarf lovers are looking for specific themes or designs which will remind them (or their loved ones) a special moment. ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ offers a large choice of themes. We dedicated a few posts (more to come) to some of our designs. Here they are...

Astrology silk scarves: fun and precious gifts

Astrology inspired scarves: enjoy your Zodiac sign

Paris scarves: the perfect gifts for Paris lovers

Graphic print scarves

Polka dot scarves: style ideas / part 1

Polka dot scarves: glamour style ideas

Polka dot scarves: style ideas / part 2

Scarves for dog lovers and cat lovers

Nautical scarf: a spring staple


ORIGINAL STYLES - if you like to venture off the beaten path, you will enjoy reading each article below. There are so many fun and innovative ways to enjoy scarves other than just the classic neck scarf!

Scarves around the wrist: one of a kind silk bracelet

Lovely silk scarf belts

Fancy ways to wear several scarves at the same time

Turn your silk scarf into a fantastic necklace

Home decoration ideas with fashion silk scarves

Irresistible bow tied scarves

Infinity scarves: do it yourself


SCARVES / OUTFITS AND CIRCUMSTANCES - at work or on vacation? Wearing a business suit, a pair of jeans or a little black dress? You need to adapt your scarf style...

Appropriate attire and right scarf at work

A trench coat and a silk scarf: chic, chic, chic

Silk scarves and leather jackets: a sensuous mix

Denim jacket, denim jeans, and scarves

Style your little black dress with scarves

A silk scarf: the perfect complement to women's business attire

When should you wear a scarf

Scarves: cruise staples


SCARF RINGS - scarf rings are back in fashion; scarf pendants are trendy. Like scarves there are many ways to wear them. Add a touch of fun to your scarves!

Playful scarf rings and scarf pendants

Scarf pendants and scarf rings: do it yourself

Scarf rings: your scarves best friends


SCARVES AND ACCESSORIES - scarves are witty; they like the company of other accessories as long these are good companions. Learn here how to play with scarves and other accessories.

Customize your handbag with a silk twilly

Pearls and scarves: the killing duet

A scarf on a hat: an ultra feminine combination

Customizing your hat with a silk scarf

A silk scarf and a bag: sophisticated styles

How to wear a scarf with jewels

A silk scarf and a bag Parisian way


CELEBRATIONS / EVENTS- simply because there is no better way to celebrate a special event than a scarf...

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: the perfect Christmas Gifts

Anne Touraine Paris™ wishes you a happy Bastille Day / 4th of July

A patriotic silk scarf for Independence Day and for Bastille Day

The best gifts for Mother's Day... a silk scarf!!

Breast cancer awareness: pink scarves and scarf rings

New year's eve outfit: scarf dress up party

Get ready for Valentine's Day


SCARVES, MOOD AND LOOK - did you know that scarves have a magical power?

A scarf flowing in the wind: the romantic touch

Looking thinner with a scarf

About the Parisian woman scarves "je ne sais quoi"


HEAD SCARVES AND HEADBANDS AND HAIR- headscarves, scarves as headbands, scarves to zest up a hair dress, scarves to feel comfortable on a bad hair day. Viva head scarves!

Pirate headscarf: the ultimately feminine head wrap

Mini head scarves, maxi styles

Headbands: the 2014 huge trend

Scarf summer trend headbands

Say yes to a silky headscarf

Style your hair with a scarf


PASHMINA SCARVES - if you think pashmina scarves can only be worn as classic shoulder wraps, you should explore these articles. You might be surprised...

Six good reasons to love ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ cashmere-silk scarves

5 easy dazzling ways to wear your pashminas

Packing list essentials: the cashmere-silk pashmina scarf



"Silk scarves" in all languages

About silk scarves: all you need to know


Enjoy reading these scarf articles as much as we enjoyed writing them for you. We still have tons to share!  Stay tuned!  The ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf revolution is ON!

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