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Meet Anne Touraine

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, a brand internationally recognized for its luxury scarf creations, is the result of Anne Touraine's lifelong passion for luxury and unique silk scarves.  

Born in Paris to a very French mother who would never think of leaving home without her pearl necklace, high heels, perfume and silk scarf, Anne has always been shaped by all things beautiful and feminine. From a young age, Anne spent hours playing with her mother’s scarves. In primary school, when the teacher asked Anne what she wanted to be when she grew up, without hesitation Anne answered "scarf maker," eliciting many puzzled looks from her classmates. When her friends in high school wore velour pants and unisex outfits, Anne preferred Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn's style. She opted for a resolutely feminine look, proudly wearing the precious silkcarré –  the classic square French silk scarf –  that her mother gave her on her 16th birthday. 





After class (and even sometimes during!) Anne imagined the scarf collections she could one day design for women around the world. She began to day dream, too, about inspiring places she could visit and took side jobs to help pay for the Silk Road trip she had always wanted to take. She wanted to discover the mythic birthplace of silk fabric. So, soon after she graduated from high school, Anne flew to China, a trip that inspired her for years to come. Though she didn't know it at the time, the SILK ROAD scarf line she would create a few years later would become an international and emblematic success for ANNE TOURAINE Paris™.

Once back in France, she enrolled in ESSEC Business School, an elite international school of commerce in Paris. Anne graduated with honors and entered the fascinating world of Paris fashion. Her talent and creativity was quickly recognized and she was promoted to manage the development of fashion accessories for Christian Dior Paris. During the next eight years, Anne worked for this prestigious brand and fathomed the secrets of French luxury.  The tradition of a well-made product, absolute respect for the customer and pursuit of excellence became her essential values. After the birth of her second son in 1994, Anne decided to make a big change. During the quiet moments between baby bottle feedings, she picked up her pencils and palettes again and dove back into the scarf designing project she had dreamed about for so many years. ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ was born.  

anne touraine, founder of Anne Touraine Paris™ Scarves and Foulards

The company developed successfully in France and beyond, and in 2012 ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ opened a branch in the United States to meet its unrelenting worldwide ascent. Today, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves are sold through its online boutique, at high-end retailers, and in prestigious hotels, including several Ritz-Carlton resorts. 

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In just two decades, thanks to the excellence of its products and customer service, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ has acquired a stellar reputation in the exclusive world of luxury French silk scarves. 


ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: the secrets of success!

In addition to its founder's passion and determination, three essential reasons explain the brand's success 

  • With a collection pairing a classic look with discreet modernity, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ reinterprets the traditional codes of luxury
  • Rigorous quality and impeccable craftsmanship are ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Scarves' signature
  • Each collection is designed for women seeking not only femininity and French sophistication, but subtle luxury as well

► The perfect mix of classic and modern

While ANNE  TOURAINE Paris™ conveys an image of French elegance and glamour, don’t expect to find the overused conventional themes from the equestrian world. There are no bridles or saddles in the ANNE  TOURAINE Paris™ universe.

French silk scarves and corporate gifts for women by anne touraine Paris

The classic Frenchcarré (classic square French silk scarf), prized by all women in search of Parisian sophistication, is revisited, rethought, refreshed.  It is available in various themes whose inspiration is at times drawn from the world around us, at times from a Romanesque universe.  A stroll in Paris gives way to a deliciously naive interpretation of the city of romance.  A tapestry of springtime flowers is turned into a timeless scarf of a thousand flowers.  A trip along the mythic Silk Road or in the Russian steppes of Doctor Zhivago are just as powerful sources of creativity.  Each ANNE  TOURAINE Paris™carré has its own unique personality.  Each scarf, conceived as a painting, tells its own story that carries you away to far horizons.    

 ANNE  TOURAINE Paris™ also offers an array of scarves with lighter and more graphic designs. The polka dot oblong silk chiffon scarves appeal to women of all ages. The extra large silk scarves explore other perspectives – from the boundaries of the lively style of Andy Warhol to the colored tribal motifs of exotic lands, these designs play with geometric lines and perspective.  Their modern and stylized graphics and the versatility that their large size affords make them timeless and appropriate for all occasions. Finally, the silk twillies – very trendy – are acclaimed by fashionistas who enjoy wearing them as mini scarves or using them as elegant touches to their handbags. 


► Luxury brand = zero concessions

An authentic luxury brand is measured first and foremost by the high-end quality of what it offers and the satisfaction it brings to its customers.

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In matters of quality, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ never compromises. Each scarf is cut from the most refined quality fabric par excellence – silk. The silk highlights the designs and infuses them with life. ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf can include as many as thirty-two shades and silk allows the colorist to play with all the palettes, making possible subtle or strong nuances of color. 

Each scarf is finished by hand.  It requires no less than 45 minutes to an hour for an experienced seamstress to roll each hem of a scarf. Where others opt for the easy and less costly solution of a machine hem, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ prefers hand finishing, synonymous with quality, tradition, and a finely crafted product – an asset that will enable you to enjoy your scarf for years to come.

Luxury plays a role in every detail.  Whether you purchase from the online store or in one of the many prestigious boutiques carrying ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves, you will appreciate the fine quality packaging.  You will also love the “How-to-Wear Guide” that accompanies each carré

Our clients' satisfaction is our highest priority, for this is the signature of a true luxury brand.  Fast and flawless service, express shipping, recommendations from our team of stylists, courtesy and responsiveness are among the qualities our worldwide clientele recognizes and appreciates.


► Ode to femininity and to tasteful luxury

An ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf is meant to be a timeless symbol of sensuality and sophistication.  Femininity, softness – more than ephemeral trends and fashion provocateurs – guide each of our creations.  ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, a brand proud of its artistic independence, incorporates only the best of seasonal trends.

french silk scarves as luxury corporate gifts for women

As hedonists, clients of ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ purchase for personal pleasure or for the pleasure of those they love.  They prefer discreet and intimate luxury to ostentatious extravagance.  They share, as we do, a love for a well-made product, and appreciate our varied array of scarves that correspond to their personality and style.


Welcome to the exclusive world of ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Scarves!


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