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ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ wants you to have a great experience while shopping on its online boutique. We know that shopping on the web is not as simple as dropping a product in a cart in a department store! This is why we invite you to contact us if you need assistance after or before your purchase. 

► You are delighted with the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf you received. Thank you! Yet, like many other scarf lovers, sometimes you may have concerns. “What is the best scarf style to match my top?” “What is the best way to tie my scarf when I am wearing a suit?” “I am attending an event. How should I wear my scarf?”: these are questions - among others - we are here to answer.

► You are considering ordering an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf but you don’t know which color or design you should choose. You want to make sure the scarf you select matches your wardrobe and your personality. Do not worry! Our team of stylists is here to help!

Simply fill out the form below and ask your questions. One of our stylists will be glad to provide you with the personal advice you are looking for, by answering your message by email or phone.

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ values a unique service for their unique customers. 


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