Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear my ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf year round?

Your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf will add flair to all your outfits whatever the season. With a little experience, you will find the style that matches both your attire and the weather. In the winter, your silk scarf will keep your neck warm. In the summer, wear it loosely around your neck, wrapped around a straw hat or turned into a stunning halter top. Many styles, such as a head scarf, a scarf tied around a handbag or a scarf belt are timeless and work in any season. Our complimentary How-to-Wear Guide - which comes with each of our silk twill carrés (square) will give you many more ideas. Also check our Blog, which is full of ideas on how to wear your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves and scarf rings! 


What is the benefit of choosing a scarf made of silk?

Silk deserves its nickname “the queen of fabrics.” Thanks to its natural temperature-regulating properties, it is an all-climate fabric. Silk has the amazing ability to be warm and cozy in the winter and to be cool when temperatures rise. Also, silk is a natural fiber known for being the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. Last but not least, silk feels divine on the skin.

french scarves made of the best silk fabric for all seasons


What is your complimentary "How-to-Wear Guide”?

how-to-wear-square-scarves-scarf-frech silk scarves-paris-france-parisian methodWe know from experience that some women are reluctant to buy a designer scarf - and more especially a carré  (square scarf) - simply because they think they will not know how to wear it! That’s why all our silk twill square scarves are delivered with our complimentary How-to-Wear Guide. In this essential 44-page booklet, we demonstrate and explain with photos and detailed step-by-step tying methods 20 stunning and easy ways to wear your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf. Customers who need more advice or personal styling tips are also offered the fabulous opportunity to contact our stylist team (visit the Contact a Stylist section of our website). 


What makes my ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf unique?

Unlike some brands that claim to sell unique scarves but do not, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ is proud to offer truly unique and exceptional scarves. All of our scarves have a distinctive spirit and tell a very special story. They all come in the finest silk fabric and in a wide choice of stunning colors, from pastel to vivid. The uniqueness of the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves is also found in the quality of details such as the hand-rolled hem. The ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ signature on each scarf is the guarantee that your scarf is absolutely and truly unique. See what our customers say


Why do ANNE TOURAINE Paris scarves make luxurious gifts for women?

Because they are stunning and precious, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves make wonderful and sophisticated gifts. Think Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries and special celebrations! Just pick the design and color that will appeal to your loved one and let us do the rest. Within a few days, the scarf you chose for her will be delivered in its luxury ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ signature box and she will certainly be delighted. Note that the shipping address can be different from the billing address, and we will be happy to include a greeting card in the box with your personal message.


ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ also offers scarves from its collection as prestigious corporate gifts for women. Corporate bulk prices are available for quantities over 25 scarves (any SKU mix). 

corporate gift ideas for women silk scarves and silk ties by anne touraine usa

Please consult us for your next corporate gift!


Can I wash my ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf?

Silk is a delicate and expensive fabric. If you decide to wash your silk scarf, please be aware that you are taking a risk: the colors might run and the fabric body and sheen may be rinsed away (this is true with any designer silk scarf). To ensure a long and healthy life for your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf, we strongly recommend that you dry clean it. Make sure you choose a reputable dry cleaner who will take good care of your scarf. Each ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf is delivered with a care label with care recommendations.

french silk scarves care instructions anne touraine paris france


How can I remove the wrinkles on my scarf?

After you have folded, tied and worn it for a while, your silk scarf will naturally get wrinkles. Hanging your scarf overnight will help remove most of them. To remove stubborn wrinkles, you can iron your scarf. Make sure your iron is set on the lowest position. You may also lay a thin dry towel on top of your scarf to prevent scorching. Always iron your silk scarf on its backside. When ironing, do not flatten the hand rolled hems. They are the hallmarks of our craftsmanship and you want your scarf to remain nice and fluffy!

What is the best way to take care of my ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf?

A few steps will ensure that the colors of your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf remain beautiful for years. Store your scarf away from direct light. Too much direct light will fade colors. Avoid perfume or rain on your scarf. It may cause spotting. Rather than folding your scarf, roll it in order to prevent creasing. If you are storing your silk scarf for long periods of time (which would be sad!), take it out every six months or so to allow air to circulate around the fabric. As all natural fibers, silk needs to breathe.

Can I remove the cleaning care/brand label from my ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf?

Our labels are stitched by hand and therefore they are easy to remove. Make sure you use a pair of scissors with sharp pointed tips – such as a thread scissors. Point your scissors to the label and never towards the scarf or hem, so that you don’t damage your scarf. We also recommend that, once you have removed the label, you keep it and show it to your dry cleaner when you have your scarf dry cleaned.

Is the color of the scarf I ordered exactly the same as the one in the photos?

Though we do our best to have printed documents and website photos as faithful as possible to our scarf colors, there might be a slight difference between printed photos, photos you see on your computer monitor and real scarves.

What is your quality control policy?

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, there is no room for random controls and quality remains one of our top priorities. Because we are a luxury brand and because we highly value our customers, we inspect our scarves at each step of their manufacturing and packing process. To ensure customers' full satisfaction, we make sure each scarf meets our highest quality control criteria.

Do you ship internationally?

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ is an international brand and we are proud to ship WORLDWIDE from our U.S. warehouse. For more details, see our Shipping and Return Policy section. Please note that our prices do not include any customs duties and other local taxes. Please check this point with your local customs authorities.

Can I pin a brooch on my scarf without damaging it?

Remember that your silk scarf is your Best Friend Forever. Knot it and style it the way you want, yet do not pin a brooch on it. This would alter the fabric. If you want to use a brooch, please choose an appropriate sized one then loop it around your scarf without ever pinning your scarf and eventually pin the brooch on your sweater, blouse or jacket. Et voilà! You can also use a scarf ring or scarf clip to create new styles. See our Blog for related articles and our Scarf Ring Collection.

nautical themed silk scarf with a brooch paris france style parisian


I love your scarves and I would be interested in selling them. What are my options?

There are 2 ways to do business with ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

► If you represent a retailer, resort or department store and would like to distribute our scarves, please send us a message on the Wholesale section of our website.

► If you are a skilled sales representative specializing in high-end fashion accessories, you are also welcome to contact us. ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ is always seeking new talents to promote and sell its scarves, wherever your location. Before getting back to you, we will check if your territory is available exclusively for you.

Is it safe to use my credit card online on the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ website?

Absolutely! You can proceed safely with your payment through our ultra secure Shopify e-commerce platform and PayPal check-out processing. No need to open an account with us or to have a PayPal account. You can pay with a VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER or PAYPAL debit or credit card. For PayPal account owners, our agreement with PayPal allows us to offer the "Bill Me Later " option. Please contact us if you would like to pay by any other means.

I want to sign up for the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Silk Scarf Club but I don't want to receive 10 emails a day...

We know you hate receiving promotional emails every day! When you sign up for the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Silk Scarf Club, we will send you from time to time invitations to our Private Sales. Your email address (and all other personal information) will remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party. If you would like to stop receiving our messages, you can unsubscribe at any time.


More questions? Please contact us by using the Customer Service Contact Form. We will be happy to answer your questions within a few hours. We want you to have the best and safest shopping experience you deserve on and our staff is here to offer the best services.




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