September 01, 2013

Silk scarves are trendy and you absolutely need one. Maybe this will be your first silk scarf ever. Maybe not. Yet, you feel hesitant. The market offer is so wide - not to say huge - that you are kind of lost. ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ is here to provide you with essential and helpful information. We want our customers to pay the right price. We make sure we select the best silk quality. We offer unique designs.  


The market price range for silk scarves is amazingly huge. It can go anywhere from roughly $50 to $400-500 or more...

Don’t expect much from a $50 so called “silk scarf” though. You will probably be terribly disappointed by the quality. For $50, you can barely buy a second hand scarf, you can get a counterfeited scarf, or you will get a cheap scarf - whose size is so tiny that the only way to wear it is as a pocket scarf. There is also a good chance the fabric is not even true silk ….

This said, $400-500 is an outrageous amount of money for most people.  A bit expensive, don't you think???

Though we truly respect famous brands such as Hermes, Gucci, Pucci or Alexander McQueen - just to name a few - we truly think there is a limit to everything. Consumers’ budget is not extensible and consumers are neither silly nor blind. Today, people think money-wise. They want to make sure they get what they paid for. Therefore, be aware of these brands which take advantage of their position (why not if it works) to sell not scarves but a piece of fabric with their (golden) name on it. We are proud to offer extra large silk scarves,  silk twill scarves and silk chiffon scarves at a fair price considering their high quality. 



Assuming you bought a silk scarf which is made of real silk and not of a cheap imitation (by the way, did you know that “art silk” - which stands for “artificial silk” - is a lovely but foolish synonym for… rayon?), please remember that silk comes in different qualities. High quality silk must be soft, supple and have “body” at the same time.  If it is too stiff: You will feel uncomfortable wearing it and you won’t be able to fold your  scarf the way you want. If it is too thin: your scarf will look like a poor tiny little thing and your style options will be very limited, to say the least…

Nothing will ever replace the softness and the delicacy of genuine fine silk. At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, we know it and we are “over picky” on the silk fabric we use.

We select the greatest and the softest silk which makes wearing and tying your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf a daily pleasure.



Colors must be bright, vivid and shiny. Only great silk fabric quality makes it possible. Flat colors are not a good sign. Also bad surprises may occur when you decide to have your silk scarf cleaned if fabric quality is not there…

Many counterfeited designs from various brands can be found on the web for just a few bucks. Again the choice is yours. Remember though that when you order a pale copy from a,b or c you are taking major risks. Other than the legal risk (huge!), you will for sure be very disappointed when you receive your “dream-life” (counterfeited) scarf: the “quality” is poor, the colors not as vibrant as expected.

There is a price to quality and exclusivity. We know it. A true luxury brand like ours invests thousands hours in designing distinctive designs which all tell a unique story. Purchasing an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf is entering a world of magic. Each of our designs is evocative of a universe, an atmosphere, an ambiance.


Our Neiges de Russie (Russian snow) scarf: travelling in the steppes

Unlike other brands, we don’t take it for granted scarf addicts will like any design simply because it bears the signature of a “very advanced” street graffiti “designer”. We know that less and less people buy this kind of stories….



A luxury silk scarf is a whole. It’s also very much about details. If not perfect, a scarf does not qualify as high-end. If you think the finishing doesn’t matter, why not? Your choice!  But then again you cannot talk about a luxury scarf if its finishing is not impeccable.

Take for example the hem of a silk scarf: It can be machine made or hand rolled. You’d better check this point as there is a huge difference between the two! A hand rolled hem - about an hour work on a 36x36” scarf - results into fluffy scarf edges whereas a machine hem is flat and not very flattering. The point is: you cannot hide the hem when you wear a scarf… Needless to say: all the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves are hand rolled as shown on the photo below. 


Explore our scarf collections. Look at all our designs. Enjoy the close-ups. Read the stories behind each of our scarves. Consider our prices. You have all the keys to decide.


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