September 07, 2013

Among the many ways to tie yourANNE TOURAINE Paris carré (square silk scarf), there is one you gotta love. We call it “Happy Hour”. We could have called it double French twist as well: the main idea with this style is to create the impression you are wearing two scarves – though actually you are using only one scarf… Two for one. It’s like a (scarf) Happy Hour!

Happy Hour with the Road Silk lotus pink scarf:


At ANNE TOURAINE Paris, we love this tying method for many reasons:

#1 : It is easy to create as all our customers know (all the necessary explanation are given in  the complimentary How-to- tie Guide delivered with each of our square silk scarves). But it's stunning enough to add sophistication to any outfit - including a golf wear... 

#2: It beautifully displays a large part of the scarf design.

#3: It gives additional volume to the scarf. With a 36x36” scarf the result - very fluffy - is pretty spectacular. Yet with a 27x27” scarf it works perfectly well too.

 #4: Partly pointing, partly round, it fits all kinds of necklines. If you are using a 36x36” scarf, this style beautifully emphasizes the line a V-neck shaped collar.

#5: It’s comfortable all year round. Keep it a little loose in the summer: you won’t get too hot. Wear it a little tighter in the winter and your neck will stay warm.

Do you feel like trying the double French twist scarf style (with an ANNE TOURAINE Paris scarf of course)? Who would say no when it’s scarf Happy Hour time?

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