August 29, 2013

There is something mysterious and eye-catching about geometric patterns. They are paradoxically timeless and modern at the same time. Think about the purity of Egyptian pyramids or about the delicately intricate designs of some ancient Arabic mosaics. Think about the sharp building shapes one can admire in NYC, Dubai, Hong Kong or in other modern cities. Aren’t all these fascinating?

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, we believe in the mesmerizing power of clean geometric lines and abstract designs. We worked on different patterns and different color proposals to make our graphic carrés (twill silk square scarves) trendy, versatile, and easy to wear. They all come in size 27x27” and allow you to create fun styles. Check out our silk twill scarf collections!

► ZEN: a mischievous character (could be you) is walking on the colorful path of life. This scarf deserves its name (“Zen”) as it conveys softness and serendipity. Wear it all year round with light or dark outfits. It’s perfect in any season.

► BUBBLE: From lines to circles… Bubbles implies colors. Remember the time when, as a child, you would have so much fun creating soap bubbles? None would look like the others. Each had its own size and own subtle colors. Love our sparkling Bubble scarf: it’s enough to brighten your look and it matches all wardrobe shades.

► QUBE: swirling shapes, dominoes gracefully falling one after the other. Our Qube scarf comes in THE fall winter 2013 trendy color: (teal) green. Wear it with white in the summer, wear it in black in the winter. The most important is to add a zest a color to your life… and to your outfir of course!

► SPRING: if you are looking for a versatile scarf, that’s the one you cannot miss. Depending on how you fold and tie it, you can turn it into a multicolor scarf or you can emphasize on more specific colors. This scarf offers the ultimate versatility! It’s like having several scarves in one (don’t you like that?)

Time for you to decide which geometric print scarf you need. Whatever your choice is, we know one thing for sure: you will love your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ geometric scarf!

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