August 24, 2013

Are you familiar with the meaning of colors? Do you know what the symbolism of green is? For those who wouldn't know, green is the color of nature, fertility, and life. It is also the color of balance and of well being and it is often associated to powerful energy.

As we said in a previous blog article, green is one of the must-have colors fashion addicts will adopt this coming season. The point is: unless you have red hair and green eyes, green as a total look or as a top is not easy to wear. It makes brunettes look dull. It makes blondes with pale skin even paler.

For most of you, the only solution is to create a visual “break” between your green outfit and your face.

It’s now time to be ready for the fall and get the appropriate ANNE TOURAINE Paris scarf which, worn as a neck scarf, will enhance both your skin complexion and your green outfit while putting you at your best.

We do have a few helpful suggestions (inspired from mother nature) for those who absolutely want to wear a green outfit even though they have no Irish ancestors…

1)      Pick a scarf which will create a bright and harmonious break with your green outfit.

A scarf with a discreet reminder of green and with white as the dominant color will do it.

Take a look at the forest green Accessoriesscarf: it works perfectly well with a dark green outfit


2)      Play contrasting colors

If you like contrasts, here are two other options you want to consider.Pink and green are traditionally complementary colors. They are all around in nature. They are enough to brighten up a day. So why not brightening up your outfit and finding inspiration in Mother Nature? 

What about the misty rose Paris?


Yellow is another trendy color for the coming season. It pairs very well with green. Again think nature. Yellow and green is a delightful combination.

If you opt for it, we suggest you look at the Paris topaze yellow scarf. With subtle green touches in it, this scarf will do wonders with your green outfit.


3)      Dare the total green look.

If you decide to go all green (again Mother Nature is a reference), then make sure your green scarf has a lighter shade than your top. This way, you won’t make any mistake.


Here is the green Paris scarf which will perfectly match a dark green top:


So what do you choose? Are you on the green and white scarf side? Do you vote for a contrasting and vivid scarf? Or are you willing to try the total green look? The choice is yours! At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, we have all the scarves you need…

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