August 21, 2013

We don’t have fifty shades of gray in our scarf collections … but the shades of gray of the ANNE TOURAINE Paris silk scarf collections are enough to make (scarf) (lovers) happy.



Grey / gray is known as a cool, neutral and middle-of-the-road color. Hum. Not sure E. l. James - the author of the successful book “fifty shades of grey” - would agree …

Actually the gray color is much more than all that: it’s a balanced, solid, and strong color. Not only is grey one of the trendy 2013 2014 colors, it’s also a precious and all year round shade which can be delightfully feminine. We would even say it’s a hot scarf color. It all depends on how you wear it.

As photos are worth thousands words, here is a selection of scarf styles we like based on two lovely grey scarves from the ANNE TOURAINE Paris collections. If by the end of this article, you don’t know if you need the silver grey Nautical scarf or the Pewter grey Paris New York scarf, then buy the two and be gray…fully happy!






Simply in love

There are (at least) fifty ways to wear an ANNE TOURAINE Paris scarf... You are welcome to visit our online store and to choose the ANNE TOURAINE Paris scarves you want to play with.....


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