August 04, 2013

Ocean is a gift from God. There is a true mystic about it. Whether one lives near the sea or in a big city, everyone loves the breathtaking beauty of the Ocean and the magical appeal of the maritime world.

The Brise de Mer (Sea Breeze) scarf celebrates the sea world made of foamy waves, of vibrant ship flags, and of delicate sea shells. It comes in different colors - all inspired by the changing shades of the Ocean. Pick the color which fits your mood - and your wardrobe! - and enjoy wearing this gorgeous scarf in any season and any situation.

Looking for scarf style ideas? Look at all these different ways to wear the Nautical Ocean Blue scarf.

• Glamorous Kelly style

Looking for THE touch of glamour which will make the difference? This classic and timeless headscarf will turn heads. Fold your scarf into a triangle and place it over your head. Bring the two tips to the front of your neck then to the back of it. Secure with two little knots.



• Men's tie style with a brooch

Fold your scarf into a long band and place it around your neck. Get a large vintage brooch and wrap it around your scarf WITHOUT PINNING IT! This would damage your scarf forever!!! Pin the brooch on your top - preferably made of a heavy fabric such as wool.

We like the idea of a brooch to accent this scarf whose design includes gold chains. We also like the idea of the scarf gently tilted to the side. Asymmetry is always a great option!



• Classy shawl wrap

This style is great way to showcase the magnificent design of the Nautical scarf. Simply fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap it around one of your shoulders. Tie it with one or two knots on your opposite shoulder. Et voilà! It looks perfect with a summer blouse (white, light blue, coral, yellow). You can also adopt this style with a dress or a winter coat.



• Street chic headscarf

This elegant headscarf is perfect to protect your hair from the wind while sailing on the ocean; but not only... It’s also very chic if you live in a city and if you want to zest up your every day look. We love it very much with a light blue coat but it works with many other colors too.



• Hip Ponytail

It’s so easy to enhance a simple ponytail with a dazzling silk scarf! Fold your Nautical scarf into a long band and wrap it once or twice around your ponytail. To secure your scarf and to give more volume to the knot, we recommend you wrap it twice and knot it UNDER your ponytail.


Are you a Nautical sailor woman or a Nautical city girl? Or both???

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