July 30, 2013

Paris is always a good idea” (Audrey Hepburn / Sabrina)


Among all these scarf and elegance icons we will remember forever, one is very dear to all women’s heart. Who could forget how charming, stylish - and generous - Audrey Hepburn was? Her elegance and her grace seemed always so simple and so natural. Audrey Hepburn is unique and inimitable. Yet she is a delightful source of inspiration… especially to scarf enthusiasts.


Time to grab your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf and to play with it! Choose the one you want.

We decided to play with the Paris misty rose (size 70x70 cm / 27x27 in), the Paris New York parchment beige (size 90x90 cm / 36x36 in)and the champagne polka dot chiffon silk scarf (170x67 cm / 67x26 in) to create some styles which remind us so much of dear Audrey Hebpurn. 


·  Paris Je T'aime, misty rose:a scarf to beautifully enhance a chignon    





·  Paris-New York parchment beige: draped on one shoulder.. the ultimate romanticism




·  Champagne Polka dot stole: headscarf or shoulder warp, a must-have





Thank you Ms Audrey Hepburn for all you gave us. We all love you and we will never forget you!

Are you ready to dream? If you had to pick one style among those above, which one would you choose to play the “Audrey Hebpurn” style?

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