June 28, 2013

It's not a cliché: there is a "je ne sais quoi" all Parisian women have in common. Forget about the beret which they stopped wearing a long time ago... there are many other things which make a Parisian woman truly Parisian and truly French:


 A true Parisian is silk scarf addicted. Whether she wears it on her head, around her neck or tied around her purse handle, she will never go out without a scarf.


► She prefers simple patterns and solid colors to overwhelming flowers and geometric designs. In the winter she likes to wear black, grey, or dark brown. In the summer she plays with white, beige and navy blue shades. 

► No matter what, she won’t give up her classic high heels. She would rather run the marathon with high heels than with sneakers. And when she gets really tired, the only compromise she will accept is a pair of bicolor ballerines (elegant flat shoes).

► To add a touch of flair to her silhouette, she doesn't hesitate to steal one of his hubby's white shirts or one of his favorite sweaters. Once in a while she may borrow his watch (preferably a big chronograph). The more masculine “her” new watch, the more feminine she feels. It’s all about paradoxes.

When she is not busy talking about the last fashion show or the last trendy painting exhibition she attended, a true Parisian loves talking about perfume: about the one she wears in the summer or the winter (not the same usually), about the new perfume which makes the buzz, about the one she was wearing the day she met her husband, etc. A Parisian talks about perfume and wears perfume EVERY SINGLE DAY.

► She is addicted to accessories. Watches, bracelets, handbags, necklaces, glasses: she loves them all but she makes sure not to overdo. She loves to play with accessories and to mix expensive and affordable ones or classic and trendy ones.


Going outside with no lipstick on? Forget about it. Lipstick is a must, the first thing she would bring on a desert island (along with her favorite ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf and her favorite perfume).


She looks confident when she walks. Not that she is arrogant. She is just well in her own skin. 

Explanation to the point above or consequence of it: she welcomes compliments - as long as they remain courteous of course. A compliment is enough to make her day :-)

We all have a different perception of the typical Parisian women. Are you surprised by all the points mentioned above? Are there others you would like to add?

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