June 30, 2013

Good news: little headscarves are back in trend! Remember the 1960’s / 1970’s when iconic Jackie O. - she was totally scarf addicted - would wear a cute little headscarf? Fashion repeats itself… as we all know…  

Whereas a 90x90cm (36x36in) silk scarf is more appropriate to look mysterious or to protect one’s hair against the elements, a 70x70cm (27x27in) silk scarf is a size many women love to wear for a touch of fun.

Always remember that a headscarf can be tied to the front, to the side or to the back of the neck. This is a lovely way to create different looks. Whatever you decide, make two knots to secure your scarf.

Here are some ideas just for you!

·  For a classic look, we recommend you tie your silk scarf under the chin.

 orange scarf


·  If you decide to walk off the beaten tracks and to zest up the classic look, you may prefer a knot to the side of your chin.



·  Tying your silk scarf to the back of your neck will turn your headscarf into an elegant yet casual bandana that you can enjoy at the beach or on a bike!



It’s time for you to grab your favorite ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ 70x70cm (27x27in) silk scarf and to try these different awesome styles.

Which one is YOU???

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