June 26, 2013

A scarf with a bag rocks. You gotta try that!
Parisian women like to simply tie a silk scarf around their purse handle or to pull it through the zipper or buckle of their handbag. Always chic! Yet, if you are looking for a bolder and more unusual look, you have other options…
What about a total purse scarf wrap? This style will turn any old handbag into a stunning accessory. It will also turn heads!


To create it, place your handbag at the center of your scarf. Grab the first two tips and tie them at the bottom of the handles with a double knot. Do the same with the two other tips. No worries: you will still be able to access the (probably numerous) things which are inside your bag and that - like many other women - you need several times a day… What would an elegant woman do without her lipstick???




If you like the total scarf-bag look, you may want to try this look .

For more explanation, please refer to the Guide delivered with each carré (twill silk scarf)





If you have a clutch you don’t use a lot, here is another fun suggestion!

It’s time for you to grab your favorite ANNE TOURAINE Paris™  silk scarf and to try these different options. How do you customize your purses? Which style will you choose to dress up your bag / clutch?


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