June 25, 2013

July is a month of festivities both for the United States and for France. In July both countries celebrate their National Day.

Between the United States and France, it has been a long time love story. To celebrate the close links between the two countries, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ has designed a special and unique twill silk scarf Collection: Paris New York - size 90x90cm (36x36in) - comes in Parchment beige or Cloudy white and Paris New York - size 70x70cm (27x27in) - comes in Pewter greyor Storm blue

This gorgeous and exceptional scarf is an hommage to memorable symbols of the Franco-American history such as: the Statue of Liberty - a gift from France to the United States, the Spirit of St Louis - in which Charles Lindbergh, after fighting the elements for hours, accomplished the first successful flight from New York to Paris, and the cruise ship “France” which navigated from Le Havre to New York for thirteen years.

Enjoy this dazzling scarf for its powerful meaning and its subtle colors. Wear it with pride, delight, and happiness - not only in July but all year round. This silk scarf is more than just a simple scarf. It’s a delicate piece of art.





Will you wear a scarf to celebrate the 4th or the 14th of July? 

PS. Anne Touraine's Grand Dad was among the first ones to welcome Lindbergh in Paris. Look at this fantastic video. He is the guy with the bike ( 0.44mn)!!!

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