July 18, 2013

Icons are eternal. Think about Grace Kelly. She was - and will remain forever - the epitome of elegance. Whatever she would wear she looked always stylish and chic.

Princess Grace was fond of fine garments and classy accessories such as leather handbags and leather gloves, pearl earrings and pearl necklaces, sunglasses, and hats.

She also and above all cherished silk carrés (square scarves). She would wear scarves not only in her movies but also in real life. Today her favorite head wrap is famous worldwide as “The Kelly headscarf”.

Thank you Princess Grace (AKA The Scarf Princess) for being a timeless source of inspiration! Scarf lovers from all over the world owe you a lot.

Neatly covering the head and wrapping the neck, the Kelly scarf style gives a touch of mystery. Large sunglasses seem a mandatory complement to this fascinating headscarf: they give an additional touch of allure and turn every woman into a star… tracked by paparazzi! From a practical point of view this head scarf is convenient to protect hair from the wind or to mask bad hair in a sophisticated way.

You can create a cute mini Kelly headscarf with an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ 70x70cm (27x27in) twill silk carré (twill silk square scarf) but for more volume you might prefer a 90x90cm (36x36") one.

·        Wearing a large Paris blue scarf and getting ready for a cruise on the Seine river

·        Glamour: ocean blue Nautical, sunglasses, gloves


·         Street style with the green Fashion Accessories scarf: lipstick touch up moment!


·        Mini Kelly headscarf :crystal blue Nautical

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, we love the ultra feminine Kelly style for all the reasons we have mentioned above. What about you? When and why do you wear it?


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