July 17, 2013

When you wear a scarf, you may want it to be the sole or main accessory of your outfit or you may decide to pair it with another accessory you enjoy. What about pairing a gorgeous ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf and a summer hat? Here are our today's three stunning combinations - from casual to dressy.

·  Style 1wrap your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ 90x90cm (36x36in) twill silk carré around the crown of your hat and let the two tips dangle at its back. For a touch of fun, you can also have the tips dangling on the side of your hat (remember Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s" ?). From our Collections, choose either a contrasting or a tone on tone scarf. If you opt for a contrasting scarf, make sure your scarf includes at least one color that matches the color of your hat. On the example below we picked the cloudy white Paris New York scarf  whose touches of red match harmoniously the hat.  


·  Style 2: starting from the back of your hat, wrap your 90x90cm (36x36")your twill silk carré around the crown of your hat and tie it to the front with a large fluffy bow. Whereas style #1 is more casual, style #2 is more dressed up. If you are attending a special event -  like a wedding ceremony or the Kentucky Derby - this style is made for you. With a scarf on your hat, you will make the difference! We used the yellow Paris for this style. Yet you can create it with all the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ 90x90cm (36x36") scarves.


 ·  Style 3: proceed as for style #1 but instead of a carré use an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk chiffon scarf. Let the long ends of your oblong scarf dangle down your back. This summery style is both elegant and timeless. It is also incredibly romantic! Our polka dot silk chiffon scarves come in many different colors which all match black, white, or neutral hats. Whatever your stole-hat shade combination, make sure the color of your outfit is in harmony with your stole.  

Are you ready for the summer? Tell us which style is yours!

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