Time has come to fully enjoy the summer and to adapt our wardrobe. No need to splurge the stores to create eye catching and very personal styles. Always remember that a silk scarf - your BFF - can do miracles!

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ we love to create silky halter tops from our 36x36" scarves.

A few things in case you would wonder...

■ You don't need a special scarf buckle to create a halter top: simply tie the two upper tips of your scarf behind your neck (this method is detailed in the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ guide delivered with each square silk scarf) or use a sturdy necklace and tie your scarf directly on it with a small knot. 

■ A silk scarf as a halter top is fabulous on EVERY WOMAN - and not only on top models... If you feel uncomfortable, prefer a loose and fluffy style - with the two top tips tied around your neck: it helps to hide curves and the good point is you don't even need to wear a bra...

■ As a street style, a silky halter top is adorable too under a jacket.      


Pink, green or white and brown silk scarf, jacket or no jacket, with or without a necklace... are you on for a silk scarf as a halter top?