July 20, 2013

As shown in the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Guide, which is delivered with each silk twill scarf, there are many different ways to tie a carré (square twill silk scarf). Here is a short selection of some classic and elegant styles.They all allow you to beautifully display your scarf with French cachet.

·  This first and easy style simply requires a finger ring (make sure the ring is small enough so that there is no risk you will lose it).


·  Why not cross your scarf twice on the front neck then tie it to the back? You will come up with a great and fluffy neck scarf: a must to those who feel more comfortable with a loose neck scarf.


·  Always remember that a neck scarf can be tied to the front, the side or the back of your neck. A scarf tied to the nape of the neck is always adorably romantic.


·  What about a large and fluffy kerchief to nicely fill the cleavage of a top? If you want to showcase the design of your scarf, this style is for you! We like it with all our scarves and especially with the Paris Topaze yellow carré (square scarf).


·  This last style (pointing triangle and knot to the front) is appropriate to show both the tips and the central design of a scarf. It is another great way to fill the cleavage of a top.

 Which neck scarf style is your favorite?

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