July 04, 2015

Crazy day at ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves: as the Hermione replica was taking part of the Independence Day festivities in NY city, we decided to honor with style the friendship between France and the USA: Paris-New York silk scarves on!

The Hermione ship reaches New York on July 4th

Vive la France! Viva the United States! Viva the friendship between France and the USA! And above all viva patriotic silk scarves!

It all started with a warm-up tour in Paris... along the Seine river. Silk scarves on, of course.

Paris New York silk scarf to celebrate July 4th

Paris New York silk scarves: the best way to celebrate your love for Paris and New York

We then decided to head to Versailles for the funniest scarf event / Independence Celebration ever... and here we are. OK... you may think our vessel is much smaller than the Hermione. Sure it is. But with a silk head scarf worn "a la Grace Kelly", don't you think our sailor is one of a kind?

Silk scarves on in Versailles

French style: silk scarves on to celebrate Paris and New York

Modern pirate head scarves with an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf

Bear with us. The Hermione will visit a few more places before it sails back to France. The trip is not over yet and you still want to celebrate the Hermione fantastic trip with a Paris-New York scarf.

The Hermione trip, 2015


Wishing a happy and safe trip back to the Hermione!


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