June 16, 2015

Who wouldn't love Panama hats? They mean summer, seaside, tropical destination. They protect us from the sun. They fit both women and men. They are extremely flattering.  Last but not least they match all styles from bohemian to casual urban.

We owe these fabulous lightweight straw hats to Ecuador. Authentic and classic Panamas are made from the leaves of the toquilla straw plant. They usually come in light beige or white and feature a black ribbon around their base. They have been a fashion accessory for over 100 years (remember Great Gatsby..) and they have become so popular that, in 2012, the UNESCO added them to its "Intangible Cultural Heritage List".

Classic white Panama hat

How do you wear yours? Tilted to the front or to the side? Men's style or women's style?  Have you ever thought about rocking it with a scarf? If not, this article should convince you to give it a try...

First, we chose an oblong flowy silk scarf. As we quite naturally decided to play a black and white harmony, we picked a black polka dot scarf from the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk chiffon polka dot collection.

Black polka dot silk scarf, oblong by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

We then folded it into a long band that we placed around the crown of the hat and tied asymmetrically at the back.

Black polka dot silk scarf tied around a Panama hat

Panama hat and scarves: a perfect summer match

How to wear a Panama hat with a scarf

Trendy summer accessories; panama hats and scarves

We absolutely love love love a panama hat with this polka dot scarf silk scarf tied around it. It's stylish, effortlessly chic and personal. Summer is around the corner: with your panama hat and your silk scarf, you are all good!


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