July 20, 2015

Summer is a glorious season to play with accessories: a light outfit combined with an alluring scarf and  trendy shades is enough to make every woman stand apart. To celebrate these two essential must-haves - which are definitely made to go together - our stylist team selected a few fashionable sunglasses and paired them with some ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves. Sometimes it's all about the way the scarf is tied, sometimes the color of the scarf is more important than the way it is tied. But the result is always winning combinations! These will turn you into the chicest business woman or beach girl. All you need is to find the style which fits the best your personality. There is at least one style - and probably more than one - for you!



The big trend is to round, colorful and kind of retro sunglasses: a reinterpretation of John Lennon's memorable sunglasses.  The choice was easy: SILK ROAD orange scarf on - and champagne - to honor the legendary singer-songwriter!

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: neon orange silk scarf and orange retro shades



Classic aviator sunglasses - with its characteristic large lenses and thin metal frames - have been in style for decades. Today they come in many different shapes. To soften their masculine aspect, prefer an ultra feminine scarf style. We tied  ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ headband pink SILK ROAD scarf  into a double headband. We then picked the ACCESSORIES white and blue scarf to create a fancy neck scarf. Finally we decided to play an ultra feminine style with an ANNE TOURAINE Polka dot scarf intertwined with a pearl necklace. 

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: neon pink fuchsia silk scarf and trendy aviator shades

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: white and blue summer silk scarf and trendy aviator shades

 ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: blue polka dot silk scarf and trendy aviator shades



Floral patterns are in. So are reflective lenses: not only are they ruling the 2015 fashion world; they are also the best to hide tired eyes- a good reason to love them! On the photo above we feature ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ floral grey scarf- an amazingly versatile scarf - to accent the black-grey-pink harmony.

 ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: Floral grey silk scarf and trendy mirrored shades



Classic Ray Ban sunglasses are not in or out of style. They are timeless. Grace Kelly loved them. Modern fashionista do too. Though they are appropriate with many style wears, we definitely like them with head scarf tied à la Kelly (scarf folded into a triangle and tied at the back of the neck). Create this head scarf with a 36x36" scarf or a large scarf like the one used on the photo above (green and brown ETNIK satin silk scarf, extra large 47x47")

 ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: extra large silk summer scarf and classic Ray ban shades



You don't need to be a professional boater or fisherman to wear them. They have become a must-have for all fashionista. For a touch of additional sophistication, pick like we did a scarf whose color matches the lenses: we opted for a pink look with this ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ pink cashmere silk pashmina scarf

 ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: pink cashmere silk scarf and trendy polarized shades



One watchword if you want to keep up with another hot trend: go over sized! Over sized clothes, over sized bag, over sized jewelry and over sized sunglasses - preferably square. To emphasize this vintage Jackie O look, we picked two different frames: black ones we paired with a white and black polka dot silk scarf. Then we opted for tortoise frames and paired them with ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ ACCESSORY brown silk scarf. Both sunglasses are great but tortoise frames work with pretty much any scarf color.

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: white polka dot silk scarf and trendy over sized shades

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: white and brown silk scarf and extra large trendy shades



It's well know that fashion trends 1) eventually repeat themselves 2) are often inspired by nature.  Vintage butterfly and cat-eye shades are back with a contemporary twist though: sleeker frames, a touch of gold or fun semi transparent plastic make them at the cutting edge of the trend. Our style advice: opt for a Parisian scarf style such as a loose neck scarf (as featured here with the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Black ASTRO silk scarf) or a classic headscarf (scarf: PARIS-NEW YORK white)

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: balck Astrology silk scarf inspired by the Zodiacal signs and trendy butterfly shades

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: Paris New York silk scarf and trendy vintage eye cat shades

Enjoy the summer with your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves and your trendy shades!


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