February 17, 2014

 . You are gone for a trip and you didn't want to carry expensive jewelry?

. You are just out off the office: you are attending an event and you don’t have time to return home. A spectacular necklace would really zest up your business attire!

. You are simply looking for a different neck scarf style…

Time to grab your precious ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk twill carré (square scarf) and to turn it into an impressive and original necklace. Easy, stunning and so simple…. Here are ideas you should consider. They all work with a 36x36" (90x90cm) and a 27x27" (70x70cm) scarf as well.

For a fluffy and looser result, opt for a 36x36” scarf. If you prefer a tighter style then choose a 27x27” scarf.

Forget me (k)not

Fold you scarf into a long band and create one large knot in the center of it. Then adjust around your neck placing the knot to the front of it and tie your scarf to the back of your neck. You can also create several knots like on the second photo below (3 knots)

Ring accent

Using a precious or a fancy ring, pull your scarf (folded into a long band) through it. Adjust around your neck so that your ring is centered to the front of it and tie your scarf at the back of your neck.


- For a more stunning result, prefer a large ring (such as a cabochon for example). Choose a contrasting colored ring or one which reminds the color of your scarf.

- You can also play with knot(s) + a ring: create a knot around your ring and / or create one knot on each side of your ring


Renaissance style

Fold you scarf into a long band and center it at the back of your neck. Tie with a simple knot and adjust to have the same tip length. Wrap the first end around the loop of your scarf and repeat till you reach the back of your neck. Proceed the same way with the second end. Then tie the two ends in the back of your neck.

All these styles are original AND they will make a statement.

Time to play and to have fun with your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk twill scarves!

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