February 09, 2014

As always predicting which color will take the lead for the coming season is not easy. Among the colors competing to overwhelm the store windows - as well as your closet - you will always have three options to consider...

Whatever the winner will be, we have all the scarves you are dreaming of (classic silk twill scarves, extra large silk satin scarves, cashmere silk pashmina scarves, and silk chiffon scarves) and all the scarf colors you need at ANNE TOURAINE Paris™.

 ►►► IF YOU LOVE PASTELS... you may go lavender blue. Quiet, soft, sweet! Perfect on brunettes and on blondes as well.

►►► ARE YOU ON THE BOLD SIDE? Then celsia orange remains a great option. Elle Magazine says it’s the “new black and white”. In other words it’s the season must! Use it with moderation though as orange is often better as a subtle touch - think orange scarf and matching accessories – than as a orange full outfit...

►►► BLACK AND WHITE... remains a safe and timeless option. Take a look at our new extra large silk satin shawl (47x47”) which is a symphony of black, white, and grey: extremely soft and very fun to wear as a shoulder wrap, a regular neck scarf or head scarf, or a sarong. You are going to love it!

Now choose your favorite scarf color and if it’s not any of these, fine. We have more options ready for you at ANNE TOURAINE Paris™.

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