Among the many ways to tie your square silk scarf, there is one which will inevitably draw attention and compliments. Not only does this style put your scarf at its best but it is absolutely simple to create. And it fits all kinds of necklines. It’s all about the visual effect you create: FLUFFY AND SPECTACULAR!

Grab you 36x36” or 27x27" ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf and follow us step by step…

STEP 1: Fold your scarf diagonally into a long band; then center it at the back of your neck

STEP 2: Cross the two tips once

STEP 3: Cross the two tips once again; then bring these two tips to the back of your neck

STEP 4: Secure with a double and tight knot; arrange to create a pointing tip to the front and split the two scarf bands around your neck for a fluffy result.

Et voilà!  This style is really appropriate with a 36x36” scarf.

It also works with a 27x27” scarf - though the result will be a little tighter. You will love this scarf style in the winter as well as in the summer.