December 27, 2013

Goodbye this year, hello next year! Time to dress up, start thinking of the coming new year eve and to start off next year with the right touch of glam!

Yet, if sparkling outfits are not your thing, if splurging on a new get-up is not an option for you, if you prefer a LBD (Little Black Dress) to a gown, here is a solution to stand out with style: accessorize with statement accessories such as an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf! There is no better and easier way to add vibe to your New Year’s Eve outfit. And once the Holidays are over, you will still be able to enjoy your scarf in a more classic or casual way!

Here are a few looks which will make you rock on NYE…


1)  Using a 36x36” (90x90cm) silk scarf 


- Option 1: fold your scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your shoulders. Tie to the front with a double knot and pull your scarf a little down so that it beautifully unveils your shoulders.

- Option 2: fold you scarf in half. Tie the two right tips, then the two left tips together. Pull one arm through the loop you have created. Then proceed the same way with you other arm and pull it through the other loop. Pull the scarf up so that it covers your back and that you feel comfortable when moving your arms.

These two spectacular styles are perfect on a LBD whether it had straps or not.



- Option 1: tie the two upper tips of your scarf around your neck. Arrange your scarf around your breast and your waist and tie the two lower tips with a double knot in your back.

- Option 2: fold your scarf into a triangle. Tie the pointing tip around a chain or a choker. Bring the two other ends of your scarf to your back and tie.


Wear these rocking and sexy halter-tops with a short black skirt or a flare frock.


2)  Using a 27x27” (70x70cm) silk scarf


Fold your scarf diagonally into a long band and create one, two or three large knots on it. Then tie at the back of your neck. Wear tight or loose! Enjoy this style with a low cut top or dress. It will superbly enhance your cleavage.




A gorgeous silk scarf around your chignon and a pearl necklace à la Jackie O.: that’s enough to make you stand apart on this special day of the year.



3)  Using a silk stole or a cashmere-silk pashmina


Center your stole or your pashmina at the back of your neck. Bring the tails to the front and let hang down. Finally put a belt on over your stole or your pashmina. There is no easier and simpler way to dress up a simple top and to make it absolutely stunning!


Happy New Year!

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