December 21, 2013

A scarf can be worn all year round and in any circumstances as long as it is appropriate to your outfit, to the occasion, to the weather conditions… and to your mood.

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf collections - which include silk twill square scarves, silk chiffon oblong scarves and cashmere-silk pashmina scarves - are large enough for you to find your dream scarf.

Very soon too (January 2014), the launch of ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Spring/Summer 2014 new lines will even offer a broader choice! In case some of you would still be hesitant about when to wear a scarf, here are a few occasions when a scarf becomes an essential plus:

1)    When you want to spice up a plain outfit

If you happen to wear a plain outfit (safe and elegant option), think about zesting it up with a dash of color. A vivid scarf, especially in the wintertime, is enough to brighten up any chic yet sometimes dull garment.



2)    When you are looking for a quick and easy touch of femininity

Is a pair of jeans and a shirt your favorite attire? We all have our own style. Some don’t like to dress up at all and some also enjoy relaxing times once in a while with casual wears. Yet whatever your style is, you remain a self conscious woman and you know the power of femininity. A silk scarf is enough to create a lovely contrast and to turn any casual look into a discreet and delightfully feminine one.  



3)    When you feel tired of routine

Routine is boring. Think about your handbag. Do you change it very often - which implies 1/ you have many bags in your closet 2/ you move all your woman’s stuff from one bag to another? Though most women love purses, most of them don’t have enough money or time to change it as often as they would like. Instead of spending money or wasting time, why not wrapping a scarf around your purse? It will customize it in a very unique and very personal accessory.



4)    When keeping your neck and shoulders warm is a priority

A silk scarf or a cashmere-silk wrap are your best friends when the weather is cooling down. They will keep your neck and shoulders warm all year round: perfect in the winter when the wind is chilly, in the spring or in the fall when mornings and evenings are still cool, and in the summer when entering a room with air conditioning can turn your day into a nightmare!



5)    When some flaws make you feel uncomfortable

Let’s face it: upper arms and neck are sensitive body parts which easily reveal the age of a woman. Flaps of skin and brown spots are a wide spread concern to most women… Intense exercise and cream might help but not always. Two options to hide these flaws: turtleneck and long sleeves… or, much better, a scarf: wrap it around your shoulders or fold it in a triangle and wear it to the front of your neck so that it covers your cleavage. It’s all about the art of hiding with elegance!



6)    When you want to look taller

Being short is not a handicap (as goes the French saying « tout ce qui est petit est joli » / small is beautiful) but looking taller is a goal most women share. If so, it’s time to put high heels on and to wear either a square scarf folded diagonally into a band or a long pashmina. These are uncomparable and fantastic ways to visually lengthen and slim the silhouette.  



7)    When attending a formal event

Attending a formal event (business meeting, sorority reunion, theater, etc.)? Not always easy to know what to wear. Pick something simple, neutral and appropriate (suit, dress, jacket) and tie a silk scarf around your neck or shoulders, around your hat or your purse. Et voilà!



There are so many different occasions to wear a scarf that we could not list them all. You have probably additional suggestions. Please share! We love to hear from other scarf lovers. And for more inspirational scarf styling ideas, do not forget to visit www.annetouraine.com

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