December 12, 2013

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ is proud to introduce her new collection! Here are the main reasons why our cashmere silk pashmina scarves will be soon your best friends…

♥ Colors

We worked on pastel colors, all easy to combine with any winter or summer outfit. At the same time, we made sure there is a shade for each pashmina lovers.Check it out and decide if you prefer Azure, Champagne, Lavender, Lilac, Powder, Rose, Sage, Sand, Silveror Teal.


♥ Fabric

We opted for the best blend: 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Fine cashmere wool - spun and woven in the Kashmir Valley - is the guarantee to keep your shoulders warm. Silk gives body and smoothness to the fabric while adding subtle sheen to it.

♥ Size

78x28in (200x70cm) is a generous - yet not overwhelming - size which allows many styling options


♥ Details

The beauty of a fine pashmina is in its color, its fabric and its details as well. Ours come with a beautifully hand finished fringe.


♥ Price

At $150, ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ pashminas are reasonably priced. If you find a so-called pashmina for $10, it means it’s either synthetic fabric - such as viscose or rayon - or basic and not real cashmere wool - the only one which will keep your shoulders warm. At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ we always work on fair prices which meet consumers’ quality and creativity expectations.

♥ Signature box

Our pashminas come - like all our other scarves - in a luxurious signature box. It makes them a precious gift. Our box is also the best way for you to protect your pashmina from dust and time damages.



Enjoy the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ new Pashmina collection and ask Santa to drop one under your Christmas tree!

Santa delivers fast. Yet he needs to know asap what is on your Christmas wishlist…..


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