December 08, 2013

ANNE TOURAINE Paris silk scarves come in a large array of shades (from mute to bold). We made sure there are some for every woman. Yet, because you are offered a large choice when exploring ANNE TOURAINE Paris scarf collections, you may wonder which color / colors you should pick.

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris we are often solicited by customers looking for advice and we are always happy to help! We love these moments when we can interact with customers and guide them through our collections.

Choosing a scarf color is a very personal matter. Yet, if you are seeking help, here are a few points you might consider.

> Rule #1: Choose a scarf which fits your skin tone as well as your hair and your eye color. Determine which colors make you most vibrant and make you pop. Always pick a scarf which will brighten your face.

Suggestion: If you feel hesitant, you may print a paper version of the scarf you are considering. Then fold your “paper scarf”. And finally check out how the pattern and the colors come out once placed next to your face (next to a photo of you will be a good test too).



> Rule #2: Think about your favorite wardrobe pieces. Once done, decide if you want to play harmony or contrast. If you opt for harmony make sure some colors of the scarf remind the color of your outfit. Your scarf color should correspond to your staple clothes. If you go for contrasting colors - this will add a splash to your outfit – then go bold, really bold!

 Harmony: green symphony around the green Paris scarf


Contrast ... yet a touch of blue with the Paris New York scarfto match the dress neck line


> Rule #3: Elegance is all about tiny details. The trick is to have at least one color of your scarf matching either part of your outfit, either one of your accessories (handbag, jewels, shoes).


Blue shoes... blue polka dot scarf!


> Rule #4: Walk off the beaten tracks. Be a little daring! Explore and discover colors you are not familiar with. You will surprise yourself… We are all used to a - sometimes boring - routine. Same old, same old. To be safe we make safe choices we are used to. But don’t you like this thrilling feeling of: “Wow; that’s so new to me; never thought about it before! I really love it!”

Go bold: this lotus pink Silk Road scarf is a hit!

> Rule #5: Think about when you will most wear your scarf. At the office? For special events? At church? Pick the color accordingly the events you have in mind.

> Rule #6: MOST IMPORTANT! Follow your instinct and forget about the trend dictatorship. Be yourself and let your imagination speak!

Have a colorful scarfy day!

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