December 28, 2013

Once you have enjoyed the pleasure of wearing a pashmina, it’s hard to skip it. It is such a comfy wrap, especially when it is woven in a delicate blend such as cashmere and silk! A pashmina, also called a pashmina wrap or a pashmina scarf, is the must-have you absolutely need whether you are travelling in plane, you are entering an air-conditioned room, or you are having dinner outside on a cool evening. In other words it is an everyday and every season must-have!

For those who are not scarf tying experts - and who are not familiar with this blog where we provide readers with many fruitful pieces of advice - it is also an easy and chic wrap. Here are 5 simple and yet stunning ways to tie a pashmina you will absolutely love…


1)  The “no knot” style

Wrap your pashmina around your neck so that both tails hang in the front. Perfect for a casual look and for those who want to look slimmer… Always think vertical lines!

2)  The European loop

Fold your pashmina in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your neck and pull the two tail ends through the loop you have created. Keep it loose to feel totally comfortable. This (relaxed) style will keep your neck warm no matter what. Works well with a jacket or a winter coat!

3)   The knotted twist

Center your pashmina at the front of your neck. Bring the two tails to the back then to the front again. Finally create a large and loose knot with the two tails. Casual, casual , casual yet very street chic!

4)  The drape

Simply wrap your pashmina around your shoulders. Is there a more simple and stylish way to keep your shoulders warm? No. Time to throw away your sweaters!

5)  The semi drape

Follow method 4. Then bring one tail over one shoulder: delightfully romantic! Think about it for Valentine’s Day!


Aren’t all these looks easy, chic and graceful? It’s playtime: pick the pashmina color(s) you like. ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ offers a range of ten soft and quiet shades. There is at least one for you!


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