May 08, 2019

Bandanas, also known as kerchiefs or neckerchiefs, are the coolest accessories. They can be worn in many ways, they are timeless, and they are enough to add a pop of color to any outfit: many good reasons to have this essential little scarf in your wardrobe.

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ we do love the concept of (revisited) kerchiefs. That’s why we have created a collection of chic bandanas dedicated to modern women. Cut in silk-cotton fabric, ANNE TOURAINE Paris bandanas combine the softness and vibrancy of silk with the robustness of cotton. As they come in twelve different colors - from quiet to vibrant - there is at least one for you. Find yours and have fun tying and styling it!

Today we’ll share five classic and chic ways to wear your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ bandanas. Stay tuned. More styles to come in our next blogs!

1. Modern cowboy: Fold your bandana diagonally in half and wrap it loosely around your neck. Tie the ends in the back. 


2. Chic Biker: Fold your bandana diagonally and wrap it around your head. Tie with a tight knot at the back of your head. Wear preferably low on the forehead.


3. Stylish worker: Fold your bandana diagonally into a narrow band. Wrap around the neck. Tie with a double knot.


4. It girl: Fold your bandana diagonally in half. Wrap it around your neck with the pointing tip to the front. Bring the two ends from the back to the front of your neck. Tie them above the pointing tip of your bandana


5. Sophisticated Lady: Fold your bandana diagonally into a narrow band. Wrap around your ponytail. Tie with a double tight knot



Say yes to an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk-cotton bandana you’ll wear all year round. You can’t go wrong!


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