November 08, 2013

A nice silk scarf will jazz up any hair style – or even hide a bad one. Looking for ideas? ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ has selected styles you will love all year round. To create them, use either an oblong silk scarf or a square silk scarf that you will fold diagonally into a long band.

☞ Turban

On top of the list is of course the timeless and feminine headband / turban which suits long and short hair as well. Possibilities to tie it are almost endless.

Wear it the classic way (start on top of your head and end with a double knot at the back of your neck) or for a touch of fun, tie it to the side or on top of your head with a knot or a bow.

Bubble: modern polka scarf, silk by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied as a headband

If your scarf is long enough, think about a double wrap: start at the back of your neck, bring the two tips to the top of your head; cross them and bring them back to the back of your neck, then tie. This quirky styling method adds elegant volume to your turban and is very trendy!

☞ Ponytail

Once again, there are many options. First you will have to decide if you want your ponytail very high on your head or very low in your neck.

If your ponytail is high, you can wrap your scarf once or several times around it then tie it above or under your ponytail. This style is cute whether you are using a short or a long scarf.

If your ponytail is low, simply tie your scarf around it halfway between your neck and the end of your hair. Allow the tips of your scarf to dangle along with your hair.

☞ Scarf braid

This easy and yet spectacular style consists in using your scarf as a strand of hair and braiding both your hair and your scarf. Before proceeding, bring your low ponytail to the side of your neck. It will make it easy for you to braid both your hair and your scarf.

☞ Fun bun

Break the rules and zest up the classic hair bun! Wrap your scarf around the interior base of your bun and tie it into a cute bow, to the front or the back of the bun. Et voilà! Fun and hip. 

☞ B&B (Braid and Bun ;-))

Once you are done with your scarf / hair braid, gather your hair into a side bun. Easy, simple for a stunning result!

☞ A la Audrey Hepburn

Start with styling your hair into a neat bun. Then take your scarf and create a knot in the center of it. Center the scarf knot next to your bun and pull the two ends down to your nape. Secure with a double knot. Irresistible for a chic event!

Long hair, short hair, there is a style for every woman. Blondes, brunettes, there is a s scarf color for each of you. Pick the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ you like and enjoy your new and outstanding hair accessory…

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