November 21, 2013

This basic rule is well known: the less the better. Applied to fashion,it usually means do not over accessorize.

Today, you want your scarf to be the star of your outfit... Yet, at the same time you cannot give up your favorite necklace or brooch... And what about the earrings you like so much? Can you combine them all without looking "over the top"?

At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, we think it all depends on what you wear and how you wear them. Here are ideas and suggestions on how to play with an ANNE TOURAINE Paris silk scarf and your jewels.

☛ Necklaces

Pick a sturdy chain and intertwine your scarf and your chain a few times before bringing your scarf trails to the back of your neck. Make sure your chain is visible. This romantic style is a hit and it will turn heads!

If you are pearl necklace addicted, don’t give up. Do not try to intertwine your scarf and your pearl necklace though. It’s too fragile and the risk to break it is high. Simply fold your scarf to the front and then adjust your pearl necklace so that it juts out from under your scarf. Very Parisian! 

☛ Earrings

Choose earrings according your scarf style and your scarf color.Let’s say you are wearing a head scarf in the pirate or gypsy style: large hoops or studs will look great.


About colors, pick either neutral colors or colors which are in harmony with your scarf.



☛ Rings

Wearing a ring and a scarf is not an issue. Now, why not thinking out of the box? Instead of wearing your ring in a conventional way use it to enhance your scarf. Pull your scarf through your ring (wedding ring, simple ring or fancy ring) and play. Options are unlimited.


☛ Brooches

A brooch and a scarf make a great pair. Make sure though to never pin your brooch on your silk scarf. The silk fabric would be damaged forever. Instead, use a large brooch, pull your scarf through the loop of your brooch and then pin your scarf on your blouse, jacket or coat. For a little fun, tilt your scarf to the side and play asymmetry. Always nice!

It’s your time to play with your scarves and one - or several – of your favorite jewels. Have fun!

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