October 19, 2013

Zillions women head to work every day… and zillions women have to face the same upsetting question while taking their morning shower: what will I wear today?  

Whatever their job is, working women want to feel comfortable and at the same time to be properly dressed and to remain elegant from early in the morning to late in the evening. Whether sitting at a desk, attending a business meeting with colleagues or greeting customers, being nice looking is a question of respect to others.

Are you a Realtor busy showing homes to customers? Does your job consist in taking care of customers at the bank?  Are you teaching in front of students who scrutinize you every day? In any case you know that every single detail of your appearance counts.

The point is to be chic without overdressing and to change one’s outfit regularly (what’s more boring than routine?) without overspending.

Lets’ be honest: who - other than Meryl Streep in “Devil wears Prada” - can afford different working attire every single day???

Time for you – if you haven’t done it yet – to consider a miracle accessory: an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ gorgeous silk twill scarf or silk chiffon scarf which will help you to look put together in any circumstances. It will enhance your attire. Also, the simple fact to tie your scarf in different ways will create the impression of variety. Time for you to play...

Have a lovely working day!

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