October 13, 2013

In some countries, like Russia, it is a dress code which belongs mainly to the elders. It is called the Babushka scarf (delightfully quaint). In other areas, it is a religious sign named Mantilla in Hispanic countries or Hijab in Muslim ones.

We all come with different cultural references, traditions, and opinions. At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ we love a silk headscarf for two reasons:

1)    there is no better way to protect the hair with stylish elegance wherever women live and whatever their religious beliefs are.

2)    It’s a great opportunity to display our stunning scarves designs

Queen Elizabeth would never walk her corgis in the Scottish moor without a scarf on her head. Princess Grace of Monaco, Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn were addicted to it. And great news: In 2013-2014, the head scarf is definitely back in trend.


Be hip. Be trendy. And remember Fall is here and Christmas is almost there…

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