March 22, 2014

Scarves are versatile: we won’t repeat it enough! With only one scarf it’s easy to create many different styles. Looking for ideas? ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ is here to help! Today, we chose the delightful (70x70cm / 27x27in) SPRING scarf to illustrate the amazing versatility of a twill silk carré. Inspired by the colors of the rainbow, this scarf is a true color symphony made of yellow, green, blue, violet, pink and red shades. Depending on how you tie and wear it, you will obtain various looks. We want to show you how amazing this scarf can be! 


·  Headband scarf

Fold you scarf into a triangle. Depending on how you fold it - green tip over the blue one or red tip over the pink one - you will obtain different color results once it is folded into a long band.

Would you decide to wear your SPRING scarf as a headband with a hip knot on the side of your head and here is what it can look like… Again it all depends on how you folded your scarf.



·  Classic head scarf

Back in trend and lovely: perfect to showcase all the colors of this fun scarf!



·  Necklace scarf

Folding your scarf as a long band, you can easily turn it into a vibrant necklace – as explained in the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ Guide. No need to carry your jewelry when you are travelling. The only jewel you need is your scarf!




·  Neck scarf

Another way to zest up your outfit is to superbly showcase your SPRING twill silk scarf around your neck without tying it. Keep it loose and (falsely) casual and be a true Parisienne


One scarf, four tying methods and a different result each time... Have fun playing with your SPRING scarf!


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