May 29, 2015

Gentlemen, let's face it:  we, women appreciate luxury gifts! They make us feel unique, precious and particular. That said, it doesn't mean that only a diamond riviere, an Italian sport car or a Caribbean island will please us. Times have changed and so have the codes of luxury: luxury these days is not so much about price and status. It's more about simplicity, authenticity and exclusivity - which is a pretty good news as the items listed above tend to be a 'little' show off and pricy...

Looking for luxurious gifts that don't cost a whole lot? Gentlemen it's time for you to put high-end silk scarves on top of your list of gift ideas.At ANNE TOURAINE Paris™  as well as at  ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Custom Ties, we design, manufacture  and sell worldwide prestigious silk scarves. And here are five reasons why we believe scarves like ours make sumptuous, distinctive - and affordable - presents:

1) Fine silk is not only a magnificent material, it is the epitome of luxurious fabrics: its soft and sensuous touch has appealed women (and men) for centuries. It remains the perfect choice to those who like to feel special.

Floral silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: red


2) Each of our scarves is a piece of art whose design is created like an exclusive painting and tells a unique story. And we won't repeat it enough luxury implies uniqueness.

Luxury scarves: Paris yellow silk scarf, a creation of ANNE TOURAINE Paris™; Tied as large shawl


3) Luxury and elegance are closely related. Now, what is more elegant than a stunning silk scarf?

Luxury silk scarves: this unique creation by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ celebrates the Franco American friendship. Perfect for those who love both Paris and New York


4) Modern and fashionable luxury means beautifully functional. By offering a precious silk scarf, you are sure it will be worn with pleasure in any circumstances.

Drape yourself from tip to toe into luxury silk scarves with ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ unique creations


5) Tasteful silk scarves never go out of style. True luxury never goes out of style. Therefore tasteful silk scarves are true luxury.

A stunning silk scarf tied close to the neck and combined with a pearl necklace: a true sign of Parisian elegance


Stick to good old basics, gentlemen: as long as they have and mean something special, silk scarves make luxury gifts which wow those who receive them.  Oscar Wilde used to display his love for luxury. Today women have made theirs his famous words: "I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best".  


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