April 07, 2015

Fashion fades but (kimono) style is eternal: already a wardrobe masterpiece in 2014, the kimono is once again a must-have for the spring summer 2015 season. Thanks (Fashion) God, the modern version is quite different from the traditional Japanese "shackles" we all have in mind... Short or long, tight or loose, cut in a plain or printed fabric, casual or dressy, the 2015 kimono has been reinterpreted by fashion designers.

Using the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ French silk scarves -- the classic 36x36" carré/ square scarf -- we have also decided to revisit this classic Japanese outfit. Here is, in just a few easy steps, how to fold and tie your scarf into an original shoulder wrap whose line and fullness reminds off a short kimono:

  1. fold your square scarf lengthwise in half 
  2. tie the two right tips together with a tight double knot
  3. tie the two left tips together with a tight double knot
  4. finally, slide your arms through the armholes you have created... Et voilà!

French silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: the fuchsia SILK ROAD scarf tied as a kimono

French silk scarves by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: tied as a shoulder wrap


This fancy silk "kimono-scarf" allows you to keep up with the trend while adding a personal touch to it. You'll love it for many reasons: it is so chic and so delicate that, whether you wear it with a pair of jeans or a black dress, it will make you look ultra feminine. When the evening is getting cooler, it's a lovely way to keep your shoulders warm. There is no better way to feature a scarf design you love. Least but not last, if you feel uncomfortable with your upper arms, it helps to hide these flaws women don't like...

We won't say it enough: instead of spending on clothes you may not wear in a year or two, remember that your silk scarves are versatile accessories which can be tied in many more different ways than just a neck scarves!

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