April 29, 2016

It's a fact: scarves are the distinguishing mark of all the Parisiennes (Parisian women). To them, a scarf is not an option, it's a must. It's a magical weapon, a second skin, a way to express their femininity with pride. With her scarf on, a Parisian exudes confidence in any circumstances.

To be - or to pretend to be a true Paris native - here are some golden rules to keep in mind:

Rule #1: sipping a coffee in a Parisian café without a scarf on is an absolute no no. If he is not already sitting next to you, the charming prince might show up anytime. A scarf is like a flag. It means you belong to the club of romantic and sophisticated women.

Zodiac inspired scarves: white ASTROLOGICAL silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ worn loose around the neck


Rule#2: strolling Paris streets early in the morning in your pj's to go get a French baguette puts you at risk: you might run into someone you know and Parisians are anything but nice when it comes to their neighbor's look. A silk scarf worn with confidence is the most efficient anti gossip parry. 

Sea inspired scarves: white NAUTICAL silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied casually around the neck


Rule #3: wearing a scarf at the office does not mean you are going to be harassed by all your male colleagues. Who said femininity could be a handicap at work? Stubborn and old fashion suffragettes probably.

Russian inspired scarves: peach silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied around the wrist with a scarf ring


Rule #4: Life is not a movie and only Gene Kelly could sing in the rain. You might prefer to hop into a taxi. Good luck! When the weather gets terrible, finding a cab in Paris is a true challenge. If you are fighting a shower with an umbrella AND a dazzling silk scarf, you have a better chance to get one. It may sound unfair but that's the way it is: Parisian taxi drivers prefer elegant women to wrecks.

Paris inspired scarves: yellow PARIS silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied as a headscarf


Rule #5: minimalism is the key to Parisian effortless chic. Cannes is Cannes and Paris is Paris. Rather than trying to be a bombshell in the city of romance, opt for a safe cool style. A scarf casually wrapped around your neck is enough to make you stand apart from the crowd.

Zodiac inspired scarves: black ASTROLOGICAL silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied with a simple knot around the neck


Rule #6: your scarf is your BFF. Which means that even when vacationing on an island you don't want to leave your BFF behind. Parisian once, Parisian forever... including on a beach.

Pink scarves: bright fuchsia silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied as a fancy and convenient summer headband


Rule #7: do not forget any of the rules above! 




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