July 05, 2014

Most accessories have the power to finish the look. Only two have the power to make us (women and men as well) instantly more glamorous and more attractive: scarves and sunglasses. Combined together they make us irresistible...

Black polka dot scarf, silk, by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and sunglasses


Fashion icons and celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn showed the way some years ago.  

Today, modern women love wearing sunnies all year round. Regardless of practicality, shades mean coolness. Paired with a silk scarf they connote instant style. Large or small, round or square, sporty or chic, vintage or modern, classic or colorful, anonymous or signed by a famous designer or company (could the world survive without Ray-Ban?) : sunglasses are all-over. And we love it as they are a perfect complement to scarves. They are essential with a headscarf. They accent neck scarves.

Choose the ones you like and the ones which fit the best your face. For an additional and ultimate touch of sophistication or fun though you may want to match

1)    the color of your sunglasses frame and lenses with the color of your scarf (why not pink sunglasses with a pink scarf)

2)    the style of your sunglasses with the way you wear your scarf (think about a vintage cat frame with a la Kelly headscarf…)


~ Pairing the colors of your scarf and your sunglasses

Pink pashmina cashmere silk by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ summer style

Beige chiffon silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ with dog pattern tied loose around the neck

French silk scarf, pink and white by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and scarf ring

Twill silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and sunglasses for a glamorous look


~ Large sunnies with a headscarf, à la Jackie O or à la Audrey Hepburn

Champagne polka dot scarf, silk, by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and sunglasses for a glamorous look

French silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, nautical theme, tied a la Jackie O


~ Vintage look à la Grace Kelly

Paris New York scarf in white by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and sunglasses a la Grace Kelly

Extra large silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied a la Garce Kelly


~ Stylish and modern with Aviator sunnies

Pink Paris scarf, silk twill by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™. The perfect scarf for Paris lovers!

White and blue silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: an ultra feminine scarf


~ Classy and elegant with Rayban sunglasses

Nautical scarf, silk by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: a sophisticated scarf for all sea lovers!


~ Large black sunnies: they match all silk scarf colors

Extra large green and white scarf, all silk by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™. Lovely and so versatile!

Red scarf with dog pattern, silk chiffon, oblong shape by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: perfect for dog lovers!

This ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ extra large silk scarf in turquoise and white is a perfect summer scarf!


~ M like Mini, Modern and Maxi flair

Pink polka dot scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied with a ring.

Winter scarf, blue color, silk twill made in France by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™. Also available in pink and peach.


Whatever sunglasses you prefer, you will never go wrong when pairing an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf with shades!




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