June 29, 2014

Look around: a little scarf as a headband is the absolute latest trend for 2014!

At the last MTV awards, the singer Pia Mia (right photo below) showed up with a cute purple scarf tied on top of her blond hair. Who initiated the trend? Rihanna who is well known for her “bandana game” or European fashion designers - such as Alexis Mabille? The point is: headbands are the 2014 big trend.

Just make sure you tie your scarf on top of your head with a charming knot (can be a simple knot with tails hanging down, a fluffy bow or a rosette). This is it… simple, easy, and fresh! Go for it!

ANNE TOURAINE Paris small silk twill scarves (carrés) - size 27x27” (70x70cm) - are perfect to create this fun hair style. As always photos are worth a thousand words…

Orange scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied as a headband

Multicolor striped scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied a headband

Paris silk scarf pink by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied around a chignon

French silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied as a headband on a little girl

If you have a 36x36” (90x90cm) scarf, do not worry. You can do it too: fold your scarf into a long band; center it on top of your head, pull the two ends to the back of your neck, cross them and pull them up to the top of your head. Then tie. Et voilà!

Pink silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ tied as a headband


The good news is: this style works whatever your age, hair color or hair style is.



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