August 29, 2014

Among all accessories which convey glorious femininity, on top of the list of most women are pearls and scarves. Both are adornments which reveal the inner womanly essence. Both have magical and unfading charm. Both symbolize the ultimate femininity women - and men - treasure.

Paris New York silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ an pearls: the ultimate French elegance

If you have had the chance to travel to France, you have surely noticed it: the graceful elegance and confidence chic French women show is subtle and sweet. Their style mantra is pretty easy: keep it simple (“less is more”) and accessorize with a few precious accessories such as a classic pearl necklace and a silk scarf. These are enough to look sophisticated. Now it’s all about the way the pearl necklace and the silk scarf are combined together…

~ Urban chic

When they head to work, Parisian women like to wear a pretty short pearl necklace jutting above or under their silk neck scarf. Discretion is the keyword.

Green silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ with pearls

Blue silk scarf, winter inspiration, by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ with a pearl necklace

~ Dressy style

A silk scarf as a head scarf or a headband pairs very well with pearls. In this case, you might prefer a more striking pearl necklace - with fancy big pearls or several pearl rows.

Pink silk scarf, Paris theme, by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ with pearls a la Jackie O

Nautical scarf, silk, blue color, by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ with pearls à la Grace Kelly

Pink head scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and pearl necklace

~ Ultimate sophistication

Why not intertwine your scarf and your pearls (proceed with delicacy; you don’t want to break your necklace)?

Large pearls on a polka dot scarf look fabulous.

Blue polka dot scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ and large pearl necklace: a great combination

Several rows of wild pearls and a nautical scarf make another superb combination!

Blue Nautical scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ intertwined with a pearl necklace: sophisticated!


Pearls with a silk scarf. There is no better accessory combination to enhance femininity. So go for it as much as you can!


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