August 09, 2014

Scarf pendants and scarf charms are the latest must-have fashion accessory to finish off scarf looks! You’ll find a lot of them for sale on the net - pretty much always the same type of cheap and boring scarf jewelry…

Did you know that, with very little imagination, you can create your own and personal work of art? It’s easier than you would think: all you need is to open your eyes and to look around: you’ll be amazed by the number of accessories which can be turned into fun and original scarf pendants. Pair them with a dazzling silk scarf and create a unique style: Your Style!!!

Just think about….


~ Brooches and rings

You probably have brooches or rings in your jewelry box: some you wear, some you don’t wear. Like you would do for clothes, give them a second life. Revamp them! Find a ring and / or a brooch - preferably big, heavy and not sharp (you don’t want to damage your silk scarf). Then pull your scarf through the brooch clasp or through the ring and here you are: you have created your first lovely scarf pendant!

French silk scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, neon blue, with a brooch worn as a scarf pendant

~ Flat washers      

Explore DIY and home improvement stores! These are unbelievable Aladdin’s caves: bolts, rings, washers and all these things usually dedicated to home repair will become treasures. While your hubby is looking for the exact screws he needs to fix something at home, follow him for a special treasure hunt. Even if you are not a handy person, you will be delighted by your new finds. What about a flat washer as a scarf pendant? As long as it’s not greasy and doesn’t have sharp edges it will make a perfect scarf pendant. Pull your scarf through the loop, make a knot and tie your scarf to the back of your neck. Isn’t it cool?

Paris New York scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™, grey silk, styled with a washer: a superb and original necklace

~ Bolt snaps

You may not be a mountain climbing expert. BUT you certainly know what bolt snaps are: they come in different sizes, materials and colors and are used in the everyday life: on pet leashes, on bag straps or as key holders. Here is your new scarf pendant! One thing though: stay away from brass bolt snaps (they would leave black marks on your scarf). Prefer a colorful anodized one ($1 to $2 investment … it’s really worth it!) and again create your original and modern pendant!

Paris scarf, green silk, by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ featured with a green bolt snap for a cute necklace


Possibilities are endless. Think about napkin rings, bracelets, antique keys, antique pocket watches etc, etc…. It’s all about imagination, your imagination!



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