SILK-COTTON BANDANA - Black - 27" x 27"

As a neck scarf, a headband or a wrist ornament, this black silk-cotton bandana is the 2017 must-have fashion accessory. Whether you are a committed biker, a western movies aficionado or a stylish man or woman heading to the office, you will love wearing this adorable kerchief year round. Give it a try and enjoy!  

Origin: Imported

Fabric, Size and Finishing: 30% Silk - 70% Cotton - 27"x27" (70 x 70 cm) - Hand rolled hem 

Packaging: This scarf is delivered in a luxury ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ gift box

Online Availability: In stock

Shipping: Free 2-day Priority Shipping in the USA 

Retailers SKU #: BD27BK 

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