ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf rings are a fun and essential complement to your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf! They allow unlimited styles while holding your scarf securely in place. Because each ring is handcrafted and is made of natural material, each ring is truly unique. Differences in color tones, contrasts of veins and texture, knots, stratification: every ring has its distinctive personality you will enjoy (note that as these scarf rings are made of natural elements, the color may slightly vary from the featured photos).

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf rings come in two sizes: Medium and Large. Both sizes accommodate all our scarves, but large ones are recommended for our 36x36" Silk Twill , 67x26" Polka Dot and  our 47x47" Extra Large Silk Scarves .

Material, Size and Finishing: Horn - 2.2”x1.4” (5.6x3.6 cm) - Hand crafted

Packaging: This scarf ring is delivered in a luxury gift box

Online Availability: In stock

Shipping: Free 2-day Priority Shipping in the USA 

Retailers SKU #: SR2LHB

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