September 29, 2013

There are different ways to enjoy the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ luxury silk scarvesand their trendy colors: you can of course wear them like most our customers do (there is nothing like our silk scarves to protect your neck or your hair and to enhance your outfit of the day) … Yet, be ready for a more original approach to enjoy differently our outstanding silk scarf designs.

Have you ever considered decorating your home in a stunning and different way and to bring a very special touch to your living room, dining room, or bedroom? Don’t you think fall winter 2013 2014 trendy colors can also zest up and embellish your home interior?

Our silk scarves are pieces of art. Here are five options we suggest on how to use our silk scarves to decorate your home:

             ☞ CUSHION CASE

Turn your silk scarf into a soft and artistic cushion case which will customize your sofas and couches. Most of the time, our 27x27” scarves are enough to obtain a nice result. Use one scarf on one side and a basic fabric on the other side. Or, for a nicer result, use two scarves : one on each side; they can be the same ones or different ones (same pattern in a different color way). If you are good at sewing you should be able to do it without damaging your scarf (sew carefully by hand just under the scarf / scarves hand rolled hem).

               ☞ WALL FRAME

Make your scarf a unique wall statement: consider your ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf as a painting (which it is). Frame it and hang it to highlight its gorgeous colors and the fine intricacy of its pattern. A 36x36” scarf is the most appropriate to create a spectacular wall decoration. In any case, whether you frame your scarf yourself or you ask a specialist to do it, make sure it is not glued and it always remains protected from dust behind a non reflective glass.

If you decide to do it yourself and you have no previous experience on how to frame a scarf, we recommend that :

  • you first train with a cheap piece of silk fabric
  • make sure your scarf is clean and crease free
  • you use cotton gloves
  • you stretch and carefully sew your scarf on a strong and acid free linen baking
  • use an invisible thread and sew just under the hand rolled hem

Be gentle and proceed with patience. And keep in mind that, because the ANNE TOURAINE Paris silk scarves are luxury scarves with hand rolled hems, there is no way they can be perfectly square...  



Enhance your table with a 36x36”or a 27x27” scarf. Pick the size you need according the table you want to cover. Place a few delicate objects on your scarf/table runner to finalize the decoration - and to hold your silk scarf in place. Et voilà!


              ☞ LE VASE

Tired of always using the same vase? Looking for a glorious way to enhance it? Choose a scarf which matches your favorite flower colors and wrap it around your vase. Tie it with a simple or double knot or a fluffy bow. Make sure you don’t spoil your silk scarf with water.


              ☞ MODERN SCULPTURE

Somewhere on a pedestal or on a piece of furniture stands a majestic sculpture you love. Love it and… adorn it with an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf. You will find out that the combination of silk with stone, glass or bronze is striking. If the sculpture is made of stone, check first it has no rough edges which could damage your delicate silk scarf.  If it’s made of bronze, remove any traces of bronze cleaning product. They would irreparably damage the silk.

Now it’s time to play. Pick the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarf design and color you like and start crafting. There is a home decorator and a home designer in all of us. Give personality to your daily environment. Create, invent, imagine and have fun!


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