June 12, 2017

Summer is here: the temperatures are rising and some of us feel uncomfortable with the hot weather especially those with long, thick and heavy hair. Option #1: a short haircut: a decision you might regret though when winter is here... Option #2: a messy bun or a quiet ponytail; convenient yet pretty basic.

If you are looking for a stylish hairstyle, a simple and easy solution is to throw on a bright silk scarf. There is no better way to chic up your summer look and to survive the hot weather.

Summer silk scarves allow lovely summer hairstyles

Summer scarf styles in Paris!


Scarf folded into a long band

Quiet bun and scarf as a headband: Create a low bun. Then tie your scarf with a square knot on top of your head and secure the ends under the front to conceal. Et voilà!

Silk scarves as headbands are perfect to create summer hairstyles


Fun bun: pull your hair up and create a bun on top of your head. Tie a scarf around it bringing the pointing tips to the front. This style rocks!

Buns and silk scarves: for lovely and fun hairstyles


Ponytail and scarf: starting from underneath go around your ponytail once or several times (it depends on the length of your scarf and on how long you want the tips to be). Tie it on top of your ponytail. All done. You'll never get tired of this vintage scarf look!

Silk scarves and ponytails: a classic and timeless hairstyle

Zest up your ponytail with vibrant silk scarves


Low headband: place your folded scarf along the line of your forehead and tie it at the back of your head. This sporty look works with any length of hair!

Silk scarves as sporty headbands: this style rocks!

Silk scarves as sporty headbands: this style rocks!


Scarf folded into a triangle

Modern Esmeralda: place your scarf on top of your head. Bring the two tails to the back and tie over the pointing tip of your scarf. Secure with a double knot. Wear this scarf in a classic way (knot at the back) or give a try to the knot tilted to the side. Both styles are really cute!

Pirate headscarves: stylish no matter what!

Revisit the classic pirate headscarf by tying it to the side. Lovely!


Summer is here: wear your silk scarves accordingly and enjoy the delightful nice weather we have.


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