March 12, 2015

It's a common - and rather arrogant - cliché that French women do just about almost everything:  they effortlessly dress, eat and do their hair; they raise their children better than any other women in the world. In other words they are supposedly perfect! Ask a femme française (French woman) how she feels about all this: if she is honest, she will probably admit that, though these compliments sound pretty flattering, they are a bit overstated!

One thing though is certain: French women cherish silk square scarves and they know how to rock this quintessential French accessory. Cracking the code for you...

- Wear silk scarves with confidence: whether you are heading to work, enjoying a morning coffee or getting ready to visit the Louvre or to buy the latest newspaper, be confident. Feeling confident is the secret to looking beautiful!

french stylish woman wearing the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ astrology silk scarf


- Pair your silk scarves with a simple jeans or a fashion dress: in any case make sure your clothes have a good cut and are made in a good fabric.

- A nice silk scarf with mediocre shoes or a cheap bag is a no-no: no to sport shoes, no to flip flops, no to flashy logo bag. They would ruin the whole effect. Say yes to elegant ballet flats, loafers, summer sandals, boots or high heels - not too high though. A nice and tasteful bag will complete your look in a stylish way.

Elegant and stylish French woman wearing the ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ astrology black silk scarf


- Wherever you go and whatever the weather never forget to wear your silk scarf. It's the essential element of your outfit.

Stylish French woman wearing the ANNE TOURAINE yellow Paris silk scarf as a head scarf


- Simple is beautiful. Less is more. Nice sunnies, lovely earrings and you are all set. No need to overdo and to over accessorize. Your silk scarf is enough to make the difference.

- Make yourself desirable. You have no idea how a simple v neck and a dazzling silk scarf can be sexy!

Stylish French woman with an ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf


- Think neutral: neutral make-up palette, neutral outfit palette. You won't make any fashion mistake and, again, your scarf will make the statement.


French stylish woman: neutral palette and elegant ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarf as a neck scarf over a classic trench coat


- Last but not least: don't take fashion too seriously. Be you, simply and proudly you!

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