October 01, 2018

High-end silk scarves are precious and delicate and you want to protect them so that they will last longer. Should you keep them in a drawer or on a hanger? Should you hand wash them yourself or give them to the cleaner?  What are a silk scarf worse enemies? ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ designs and manufactures high-quality silk scarves and is always happy to share its professional tips regarding how to preserve your beloved accessories...

. Drawer or hanger?

Hangers are never a good option to store silk scarves. Wire hangers will leave wrinkles and creases on your scarf. Hangers with clips are even worse. Is a soft rubber hanger with multiple crossbars (similar to an extra large tie hanger) a better option? Not really. It does hold several scarves at the same time (convenient to spot at first glance the scarf which matches the best your outfit); yet, it does not protect your beloved accessories from light and dust. We therefore recommend you keep your scarves gently folded in their original box, placed in a drawer. As silk fabric needs to breathe though, we also recommend you remove the lid of the box (don't discard it; keep it tucked under the box).  

hangers: good or not for silk scarves?          The lovely SILK ROAD silk scarf from ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: keep it in its box to avoid direct sunlight and dust
NO!                                                         YES!


. Your silk scarf's worse enemies 

Other than dust and too much direct sunlight - which will eventually affect the colors of your scarf - perfume is another terrible enemy. Never spray perfume on your scarf or in your neck. Spray it behind your ears or on your wrists.


Identified scarf enemy...

. Which cleaning?

When cleaning your silk scarf at home your take multiple risks: an inappropriate detergent will spoil forever the colors of your scarf; so will water if it is too warm. Pressing your scarf too hard will ruin the silk fibers. The best option remains to have your scarf dry cleaned... once in a while. No need to say: it implies you know a reliable dry cleaner, you do not forget to tell him your scarf is made of silk... and - major point - you ask him to stay away from strong solvents.

. How to iron your silk scarf?

If you are using a traditional iron, always set it up on low heat (too much heat would ruin the fabric). Iron your scarf on the reverse side, placing a thin and clean cotton press cloth between your scarf and the iron to eliminate burning risks; if your silk scarf has an hand rolled hem, avoid pressing it. Iron along the hem instead.

For a better result though we recommend you lightly steam your silk scarf. You can use a hand steamer or a steam iron. If you are using a steam iron, again a thin and clean cotton press cloth will be very helpful. In any case keep moving the iron constantly and fast to avoid scorching. And remember to let the silk completely cool before folding your scarf.

Caring for silk scarves certainly requires a little more attention than for polyester scarves. But, these few tips should help you to keep your silk scarf for years. And after all, let's put it this way: it is worth it! Silk is by far the most luxurious, shimmering and divine fabric ever produced on earth... We hope you enjoyed these few tips from your high end silk specialist!

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