November 13, 2014

Time to get ready: in just a few weeks we are going to celebrate Christmas. Yippee!

christmas tree

 For many of us, Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our loved ones and to offer them presents. Yet the “gift hunt” can be a pain… What to buy? How to pick the right gift for her or for him? Where to go? How to avoid the unpleasant Christmas rush? How to make money wise choices?

If you are looking for a present for her, here are many reasons why you should consider ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves to please your beloved:


A LIFE TIME GIFT: A silk scarf is a precious accessory easy to wear and to enjoy all year round. Nothing to do with a box of chocolate truffles or with perfume – two much appreciated Christmas basics – which unfortunately will be gone in a glimpse…Nothing to do either with an art book which will remain unopened for years on a coffee table…And the list of ephemeral or useless gifts could go on and on!

These silky flowers will last forever...

Floral scarves: blue Floral scarf by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™

And they come in a lovely signature box

Signature gift box by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves. A precious silk scarf deserves a precious box!


LARGE CHOICE OF COLORS: you know it: there are shades she is fond of and others she doesn't really care for… ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves come in a large array of colors, from soft pastel to bold. Blue, red, green, black or white: we have them all. It makes it easier for you to choose the right one.

All you have to do is pick the right color!

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: a large choice of colors!


NO SIZE ISSUES: You have probably experienced this terribly disappointing moment… You pick a nice sweater or a nice dress for her, wrap it with love, and place it under the Christmas tree. At one point, she will open her Christmas present with excitement and decide – women cannot wait – to try on right away what is in the box. And… gee… it doesn’t fit! Step 1: even though she might not show it, she is disappointed (who wouldn’t be?). Step 2: one of you has now to deal with item exchange. Who likes that? With a silk scarf, you are sure not to go through size issues!


CELEBRATING A SPECIAL MOMENT: she enjoyed or is looking forward to a next trip to Paris… Your vacation on a cruise ship remains a memorable moment… She still speaks of the first time you showed up with flowers… All ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves tell a story and each of these stories is a lovely way to celebrate or reminisce a unique instant. It will make the scarf you are offering her even more special!

Vive Paris!

Eiffel Tower: with love from Paris by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves: this blue silk scarf inspired by Paris, the City of Romance, makes a wonderful Christmas gift for those who love Paris!


A GIFT FOR EVERY BUDGET: Christmas is a rough time for budgets. With scarves running from $60 (silk twillies) to $320 (made in France classic silk twill square scarves, size 36x36"), ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ has options for each budget.  And in case you decide to compare prices, please be aware that Hermès silk twill 36x36" scarves cost $435 - before shipping…

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ twillies: a cute gift for only $60

Silk twillies by ANNE TOURAINE Paris™: modern designs and colors easy to wear


SHOPPING COMFORTABLY: we all love the Christmas atmosphere, don’t we? Yet, when it’s time to enter stores packed with people, to fight the crowd and to wait forever at the register, it’s not fun at all! No wonder why today more and more people like to shop on the web. Like many of our customers, make yourself comfortable and take time to explore ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ large collection of silk scarves. Then place your order! We take care of all the rest! Remember also that shipping is free in the US for orders above $80 and free for all other countries for orders above $200.

We ship worldwide!

ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ scarves: shipping worldwide!


Christmas is almost there. Time to make the right decision: all you need to do is to pick among all ANNE TOURAINE Paris™ silk scarves the right one(s) for her! Finally remember that if you need advice, our stylist team is here to help!


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